No Further Comment




The worst best thing a suitor can do is wear a really memorable perfume and haunt me whenever I smell on a city street, museum, pretentious coffee shop


I will re-download instagram and follow in hopes of-through some social media osmosis-learning how and collecting subliming notes on being cooler prettier smarter better-read better-informed self obsessed


You can determine if an expensive coffee is worth buying based on the vessel in which they give it to you. I will design the most tuff lipstick containers and coffee vessels. 


Second read of cat person melting hello kitty popsicle


“I go through life with hazy eyes / and I got a crazy idea for a new art project / that I will never do / I'm hung up on what’s new”

I will forever live in your heart and your hard drive.


Luke says she is worried about holiday ennui and creative burnout but don’t lots of artists self-inflict ennui to fuel their practice?


   Gigi’s favorite pick from her uncle