I Am Everything 


I am a triple text to an uninterested crush
I am casually athletic and pretty enough to be a model
I am the most masculine boy I know--and the most feminine girl there will ever be
I am a natural chef and overly-particular artist
I am more than proficient on the over priced Italian espresso machine and I am pouring the most experimental latte art
I have great taste in ceramics and my belongings are curated in the most delicate way
I have the softest skin and working hands
and been told I am the best kisser

I’m every trendy outfit on your Pinterest board
I’ve kissed the blarney Stone
I’m a DJ that plays basic esoteric music
I’m beloved by fraternities and confuse sorority girls
I stumble in public

I’m a flirt I’m a cheat I’m a gambling man
I am every porn actor
I am a fledgling bar tender
I am opening a club in a small town whose main demographic is PTO moms
I am the contents of a girls’ sleepover which are debriefed the next day
I am a bad online drunk-purchasing problem

I am a nectarine a peach an endeared diner customer and a good tipper finally
I am an expensive online lingerie set
I am a discarded sappy love letter
I am a drinker of 8 oz coffees
I am a 42 a 10, and an 8 ½
I am a scraped knee after a skateboarding trick gone wrong
I am the Venus de Milo and Michelangelo’s David

I am Guernica
I am plastic bags worn as shoes in June
I am cracked lips and the taste of blood 

I am documenting the exoneration of my guilt
I am a teenage girl’s archival brandy mellvile collection 
I am waiting for a response
I am a redneck now

I’m overly sentimental I’m cursed I’m in love
I am serving a punishment that fits my crimes
I am a warm spring and a cold autumn
I am constantly hungry and generally dissatisfied 
I am a fast driver and a slow walker
I am a modern day cowboy

I am a passion project 
I have written every movie that’s ever been filmed
I am a 3” inseam 
I am wearing inappropriate clothes for the weather we are experiencing
je sais, si j'étais ‘désolé’ je ne l'aurais pas refaitje sais, si j'étais ‘désolé’ je ne l'aurais pas refait

I am slacking off I am a overtime shift at the office
I’m clean girl aesthetic
I am being stalked by people that don’t want to talk to me and
I am mildly content they are stalking me
I am addicted to drugs 2% of the population is addicted to,
but I quit

I am a previously shy child and 
a brazen adult
I am a black haired child of lesbians, 
confoundedly interested in blondes, 
and wondering if I am allowed to blame it on a lack of a father.

I am the worlds worst minimalist but at least I’m not a maximalist
I am a country convert and recently knighted extrovert. 
I am the colloquial mayor of Soro-landia. 
I am probably contributing to gentrification but I doing my best to mitigate it. 

Not to mention I am...
A Popular french biscuit-cookie

DJing the Windjammer

Teo’s OP-1 communist graphics

Impulsive safari app research

Wii Fit board abandoned in the street

but I think most importantly...

I am you