I Am Everything

Emma C Wentz

i am a martyr in new england 
i am a drunk tattoo 
i’m writing a little, i think 
i am valedictorian at a small public school
i’m a romantic 
i’m an exhibitionist 
i am still learning
i am a product of poverty 

i’m an odd text to a hot guy 
i am miami mint Elf Bar
i am a latin-american poet
i am an actress 
i am more-or-less satisfied
i am a highwayman
along the coach roads i do ride
i am the longhouse 

i am left twix 
i am a 20 second feature on public radio 
i have walked 16 miles today
i have kept up 
i am beloved by everyone i meet
i am an animal 
i am Out the hood 
i am the cinder block at the edge of the halfpipe 
i am the ancient tongue drawing a circle about the people to whom it belongs

i am 22 still stocking shelves at hannafords 
i am daughter to the scottish highlands
i am a nude portrait
i am not just another junkie!
i’m a sad girl 
i’m a bad girl
i am money on the side

i’m the worn sticker on your water bottle
i’m a flirt i’m a cheat i’m a gambling man 
i am a baiting dog
i am crying on the comedown 
i am trying to get you to slip up 
i am a cold-catcher
i am queen of the stair-master 
i am your favorite ben and jerry’s flavor
i am a subtle wink from the boy behind the counter

i am shen yun live at the flynn 
i’m in chittenden county laid up in the cut?
i am a calorie-counter 
i am a complex enzyme 
i am your favorite weekly “appointment”
i am 33 i am 24 i am 33 
i am 2004, stationed in munich 
i am an inspirational facebook post by a horse riding school in missouri 

i am an urban myth 
i am a Literal Legend 
i am utilisant mon français 
je sais, si j'étais ‘désolé’ je ne l'aurais pas refait
i am a fatherless child
i am a rat in a cage 
i am a regular on the dance floor at ‘steins 

i am lady of the valley
i am just like a sunshiiine 
i am three times abandoned on my birthday 
i am nose on the grindstone 
i am being “too risky” with the die grinder 
i am still hooking up with my ex
i will not lose at a winnable game

i am slow, soft snowfall
i’m lowkey soo stoned rn
i am a hot topic of conversation at my local pizza shop 
i am a Judy Bloom book on the top shelf
i am a skoal imprint on blue jeans 
i am studying the stars as if
i am convinced i will visit them someday 

i am the last step on the stairs 
i am step seven of alcoholics anonymous 
i am three cards to Uno
i am just beginning to live 

i am a maniac 
i am a masochist 
i am dropping out of mensa 

i am north of the equator, so far east of the sun 
i’m going thru some shit rn, dhmu
i am plié jeté tombé 
i am philipp i am judas i am thomas  

i am never at a loss for words