Lu Encarnacion Aubin, born in Hartford, Connecticut, is an artist living and working in South Royalton, Vermont. During the day, they act as the Director of the town’s library.


Solo & Duo Exhibition
Local Artist Spotlight, South Royalton Market Cooperative, South Royalton VT, March 4—28, 2024

Wishing It Away, People’s Gallery, Randolph VT, November 1—30, 2023

That Vengeful Moon, That Loving Sky, a Shallow Heart of Unfeigned Confidence, Fordham Lipani Gallery, New York NY, February 17—March 8, 2023

The Sterile and The Profane: Conceiving A Contemporary Gallery Space And The Infectious Intimacies Of A Digital Curatorial Grotesque

Group Exhibition
CAFA+ Photo, Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, Online, November 5December 10, 2022

SHIM/Photography, Atlantic Gallery, New York NY, August 9—October 9, 2022

B.A. in Visual Arts and American Studies, Fordham University, New York NY, 2023