I AM EVERYTHING. I do not want to sell you anything anymore. I am trying to be happier on a daily basis. I’m not depressed I just want to be ridiculously happy. I am in vast control of myself. I am also in control of things other than myself but only when I don’t think too hard about it all. I am still LEAVING NEW YORK. Actively I am working on becoming vermont pondscum: for the most part, succeeding at it-- AND I DO NOT KNOW SPRING. I do it for myself and I do it so you can see me do it for myself. It’s not art but I keep calling myself an artist. Is that wrong? Is any of it wrong? I’m like if Valeries Solanas was raised as a boy. I might have you but I WILL NOT HAVE A THING. I will never have anything.

last updated may 2024 from royalton, vermont